Benefits of Planning a Spring Move

family packing up a box to moveAs the snow begins to melt, temperatures start to climb and the days get longer, you might start thinking about making a change. If you are in the process of selling your home and have some flexibility in your schedule, spring can be the perfect time to move. Moving in the spring has several benefits, from the ease of packing to providing additional time to settle into your new digs.

Perfect Packing Weather

Packing up your belongings will be a challenge regardless of the season, but the relatively cool days of spring allow for a more pleasant experience. Lifting boxes in extreme heat or frigid temperatures can add stress and agitation to your move. Spring often has stretches of clear days with reasonable weather, making the strenuous work more tolerable.

Time to Settle

Moving in the spring allows you more time to unpack and settle in your new home before the rush of summer vacations and socializing. The extra few weeks to unpack and make your home your own provides you with an opportunity to relax and enjoy your new location.

Added Availability of Your Movers

If you are looking to pack up for your move in the early Spring, you have the benefit of having your kids home for spring break to help and move boxes, depending on their age range. If your children are too young to productively help with the process, you can pack and schedule your move to occur while they are still in school.

Moving companies usually have more flexible schedules in the spring, allowing you to pick the perfect timeframe ahead of time. Most people move in the summer or late Spring, leaving most of the season to coordinate your move.

Local & Out-of-State Movers in Lynn MA

If you are in need of professional movers, contact Flannery’s Handymen today! Whether you are moving down the street or several states away, our team will safely load your boxes into one of our trucks and get your belongings to your new home in one piece. Flannery’s Handymen can be reached by calling 781-775-9943 or by filling out our online contact form.

Get Started on Spring Cleaning with a Home Cleanout!

pile of junk collected for disposalAs warmer weather quickly approaches, you can get a head start on spring cleaning by cleaning out your home! Cleaning out your home and decluttering items you do not need opens up valuable real estate in your home, giving you more room to move around and allowing more light into your home. Decluttering has been proven to help mood swings and clear your head. Knowing how to go about cleaning out your home can be overwhelming, but following these tips from Flannery’s Handymen can help make the process easier!

Go Room by Room

Like packing for a move, cleaning your home room by room increases the efficiency of your home cleanout. Start with the rooms you don’t use often, such as your dining or family rooms. Remove anything you haven’t used in the last year: outdated media, magazines, toys. As you go through your home and into the rooms where you keep most of your things, you will need to be able to sort with more nuance. If something does not bring you joy or no longer serves a practical purpose, set it aside.

Sort Everything Into Piles

As you go through each room, make sure each item has a designated place. Items you are looking to keep should have space on shelves or in drawers or closets. The things you are looking to get rid of should be sorted into piles: donation, trash, and storage. If something is damaged or worn beyond further use or repair, it should be disposed of or recycled. Gently used items can be donated to various organizations with local headquarters, from clothing to books and furniture. If you cannot find an organization to take longer items, Flannery’s Handymen is donating one truckload of gently used furniture every week!

Home Cleanouts, Junk Removal & Self Storage in Lynn, Peabody & Swampscott, MA

If you want help with your spring cleaning, contact Flannery’s Handymen to schedule a home cleanout! Our team will go to you and clean out anything from one room to the entire house! Anything you want to put into storage can go into a U-FIL storage trailer, which you can keep at your home or we can hold in our storage facility! Flannery’s Handymen can be reached by calling 781-775-9943 or by filling out our online contact form.

Preventing Water Damage in Your Home

Water damage in a wall and floorWater damage shows itself in small ways at first, from a minor dull streak on a wall to a few spots on the ceiling. You may brush it off as aging and wear, choosing to paint over the discoloration at first. However, the minor paint job can quickly turn into a burst pipe and extensive home repairs, some of which will not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. The most effective way to deal with water damage in your home is to prevent it from happening.

Unclog the Gutters

Every late autumn after the leaves have fallen, you should raise a ladder to the roof and clean out the gutters. Clogged gutters can produce water overflow that runs down the side of your home into the basement, as well as between drywall and an exterior wall. All you need is a pair of thick plastic gloves that run up the forearms. Although you can expect gutter clearing to involve mostly leaves, you might find bird and squirrel nests blocking the flow of water.

Where You Plant Matters

Several species of plants and trees sprout long, invasive roots that enter drainage and sprinkler systems. The result is a back up of water eventually flowing into your home. Make sure to plant root invasive vegetation far away from your house.

Drain the Swamp with a Snake

Chemicals that unclog sinks appear to be sound options for preventing water damage. However, drain chemicals present a potentially major problem. Caustic chemicals have the power to disturb seemingly impossible to unclog sinks, but the same caustic chemicals do a number on the metal pipes that move water from the sink into the sewer system. By using a sturdy, yet pliable snake, you unclog metal pipes, without causing any damage to the pipes.

Store Grease in Containers

Grease is a water pipe’s worst enemy, yet many homeowners forget the simple scientific principle by pouring grease down sink drains. Despite what you have heard, hot water does not dislodge grease. The thick substance congeals and clings to the sides of pipes until enough accumulates to prevent water from moving through the drain system. Use empty containers to store grease for proper disposal at a municipal sanctioned recycling center.

Water Damage Repair in Lynn & Swampscott, MA

If you notice signs of water damage around your home, contact Flannery’s Handymen! We will come to your home, remove any excess, standing water, and repair damage to your walls. Flannery’s Handymen will also repair ice dams forming on your roof and clear out your gutters in the fall. Flannery’s Handymen can be reached by calling 781-775-9943 or by filling out our online contact form.


Ice Dam Prevention & Removal

Man raking snow off a roofAfter a major snowstorm, it’s important to check your roof for signs of ice dam formation. Ice dams form on the edge of your roof and can cause damage to your shingles, gutters and even cause structural damage to your home.

How do ice dams form?

As the snow closest to your roof melts, water will slide down the angle of your roof and freeze upon being exposed to the frigid air. The ice forms at the edge of your roof, which can weigh down your gutters and shingles and potentially pulling them from your home. The angle the dam forms at allows the ice, when melted, to permeate through the roof and through your home, leading to water stains, peeling paint and potential structural damage if the water hits the beams. Outside of your home, fallen ice dams can cause damage to any person or pet who may be standing underneath.

How Can I Prevent Ice Dams from Forming?

Your roof can only handle so much pressure before ice dams and other issues begin to take a toll. A plastic roof rake with rubber wheels can be used to safely remove snow without causing damage to your shingles and removing granules. As you go about shoveling pathways around your home or deck, take your roof rake and remove the snow closest to the edge. You will need to repeat this several times, moving layer by layer.

Professional Ice Dam Removal in Lynn & Peabody, MA

If you have noticed an ice dam forming on your roof and need professional assistance removing it, contact Flannery’s Handymen today! Our team will come to your home and remove the snow and any ice dams from your roof after a storm. We will move efficiently while keeping your roof safe. Flannery’s Handymen can be reached by calling 781-775-9943 or by filling out our online contact form.

Decluttering Before the New Year

Heading into the new year, you may have a little more time to spend at home with yourshutterstock_370757162 family over the holidays. This extra time may allow you to notice the number of belongings you no longer use in your home. Decluttering is a great family activity that has numerous physical and health benefits going into 2018.

Benefits of Decluttering

Decluttering can reduce your anxiety levels. Clutter can overwhelm your brain through sensory overload and an excessive amount of stimuli fighting for your attention. Being constantly overwhelmed may sour your mood and lead to mood spirals due to the increased stress. Stress overload can affect your sleep, preventing your body from properly winding down at the end of the day. Removing clutter and moving anything stress-inducing, such as your computer or any unfinished chores, out of your bedroom can get your sleep schedule back on track, letting your brain know that it’s time to rest.

Decluttering can also improve your productivity. If you are relaxed and have limited distractions around a room, you may find that it is easier to come up with new, refreshing ideas for projects at work or at home. While you declutter, you can come up with an easily-maintained organizational strategy that works best for your needs. Removing junk will also clear your home of allergens, keeping your family healthier throughout the year. Removing unnecessary items may also help your family address previously hidden hoarding tendencies. If a member of your family shows extreme emotions at the thought of parting with unused items, you may require the assistance of a professional psychologist or counselor.

Junk Removal Services in Lynn & Swampscott, MA

When you’re beginning to declutter, start with smaller tasks, such as getting rid of extra papers or cleaning out your closet. As you organize your home, start considering what you can get rid of or what you can donate. If the job seems too overwhelming for you or you are in need of junk removal, contact Flannery’s Handymen today! We provide junk removal services as well as home cleanouts in instances of hoarding. If you have items in good condition, we will donate it to a charity or family in need. Flannery’s Handymen can be reached by calling 781-775-9943 or by filling out our online contact form.

Your Winter Moving Checklist

moving in winterMoving in the winter can be difficult. In addition to having your belongings packed and prepared to load on the truck, you have the added challenge of unpredictable weather, with snow, ice and sleet always on the horizon. Preparing as much as you can ahead of time can reduce the stress of your move, and these tips can help!

Before the move

In the week before your move is scheduled, keep an eye on the weather forecast. If the weather looks too dangerous to move, you may need to reschedule your date with the moving company. If this needs to occur, your moving company will call you a few days beforehand to develop a backup plan.  Verify that your utilities will be on through the move date in your old residence, as well as turned on in your new home. Make sure each residence is equipped with shovels, salt, ice melt and sand in case of an unexpected storm, and arrange for snow removal at your new home ahead of time to keep your driveway safe for the movers and your belongings.

The day of your move

On the day of your move, make sure both locations are prepared for snowfall and remain safe for your movers. If snow falls throughout the day, have a member of your family ready at the destination to remove snow and put down sand for traction. Prop exterior doors open so the movers can move in and out of your home easily, and be patient. A little bit of cold air will be worth having your belongings safely in your home, and your movers uninjured.

Winter Moving in Lynn & Swampscott

If you are interested in hiring professional movers this winter, contact Flannery’s Handymen today! Our team will work with you to plan a quick and efficient move, and take any gently used items you do not want and recycle or donate them to a charity in need. To schedule a cleanout, give us a call at 781-775-9943 or fill out our online contact form.

Clean Out Your Home This Fall

Messy garageAs it gets colder and the days get shorter, you’re going to start spending more time in your home. Looking around, you may begin to look at accumulated clutter, whether it is leftover from a recent move or left over from years of collecting. You may consider a home cleanout this season to add peace of mind, in addition to several physical side effects.

Benefits of Home Cleanouts

Are you feeling under a lot of stress? Clutter can be a contributing factor to stress brought on by work, school and impending holidays. Decluttering can reduce anxiety due to the newly opened spaces in your home, with everything you keep in designated shelves, drawers and spaces. You will also be able to dispose of or donate any items that hold negative memories, or anything you have outgrown or have no real use for. After years of collecting items, you will undoubtedly have some belongings that are simply collecting dust. Cleaning out your home will remove many allergens from the home, including dust and pet dander. You will be breathing in healthier air, which can boost your immune system and reduce the spread of cold and flu as the winter progresses.

A clean home also reduces risks of pest invasions. Mice, roaches and other pests are drawn to trash and messy areas. After gaining entry to your home, they could form colonies or burrows throughout your home, requiring an expensive visit from an exterminator. A clean, disinfected room, free of dust, dirt, and crumbs will be less attractive to pests. This will also contribute to lower allergy attacks due to dander throughout your home.

Home Cleanouts & Junk Removal in Lynn, MA

Flannery’s Handymen will help you with your home cleanout! We offer cleanout services room by room or the entire home. Flannery’s Handymen also offers discreet hoarding cleanouts and UFIL storage for items you still want to keep, just not in your home. Our team will also take any gently used items you do not want and recycle or donate them. To schedule a cleanout, give us a call at 781-775-9943 or fill out our online contact form.

Why You Should Clean Out Your Gutters This Fall

shutterstock_527611330Foliage season is in full swing, which means the leaves are starting to fall. It’s an important time of the year for home maintenance, particularly your roof. Leaves can clog your gutters, which can lead to water damage to your home. Before it gets too cold, you should clean out your gutters of any debris, and revisit it once or twice as fall progresses.

How to Clean Your Gutters

Since cleaning your gutters will involve a ladder, make sure you have taken proper safety precautions prior to beginning. Make sure you have safety goggles, thick gloves and ideally, someone who knows you will be using the ladder. You should at least make sure someone close by knows you will be using the ladder in case of an emergency. Remove the gutter covers and use a small shovel or trowel to remove debris from your gutters. Make sure to be gentle so you do not damage the gutter, and wear your gloves to protect your hands from sharp debris. Flush your newly clean gutters to wash away any small debris caught along the edges. This is also a good way to check the flow of water through the gutter system. If the water is still not flowing properly and clogging at one section of the gutter, you will need to flush out the downspout by spraying a pressure nozzle into the base. After clearing your downspout, you will need to flush the gutter again.

Professional Gutter Cleaning in Lynn, MA

If heights make you uneasy and you’ve noticed some damage to your gutters, call a professional to clean them for you! The team at Flannery’s Handymen will be more than happy to help you get your gutters ready for fall. We can schedule a time that works with you to perform a full gutter cleaning and inspection. Flannery’s Handymen can be reached at 781-775-9943 or by filling out our online contact form.

Flannery Handymen’s Charity Initiative

22554804_1253264914779577_1228656299060315181_nStarting on November 1st, Flannery’s Handymen is giving back! One truckload of salvageable goods from home cleanouts will be donated to various charities and people in need. We recently donated a truck of furniture to a family in Brazil. If you are interested in having your home professionally cleaned out, contact Flannery’s Handymen! We will come clean out your home and donate your gently used belongings to people in need around the world. For a free estimate, contact us at 781-775-9943 or by filling out our online contact form.

How Can I Move Unwanted Furniture?

Flannery's Handymen junk removalGetting rid of old furniture is not as easy as it may seem. Unlike excess garbage, you cannot leave an old couch or table out on the curb next to your trash cans without notice, and many communities may require you to bring the furniture somewhere to be disposed of. Flannery’s Handymen has some tips to get rid of your unwanted furniture without much hassle.

Hold A Yard Sale

Is your furniture still in good condition? Maybe you have a chair that was barely used, or a new couch that won’t fit into your new home. If you have leather furniture, the material can last for a long time, while appearing new. You can try to sell your furniture at a garage sale. Gently used furniture will not make back the money you initially put towards it, but you will make some of it back while benefiting someone else, looking for less expensive furniture. Publicize your sale online and around the neighborhood to make sure people know to come.

Donate Your Furniture

There are several types of organizations that may accept furniture donations. Small businesses, such as coffee shops or bookstores, may accept a gently used couch to add seating to their space. A local theater may accept furniture to use as set pieces. If there is a shelter or charitable organization nearby, they may accept gently used furniture.

Hire a Junk Removal Company

If your furniture doesn’t sell and local organizations are not accepting furniture, you will have to bring your unwanted furniture to the town dump or recycling center on your own. If your furniture is too big to bring to the designated spot, you can hire a junk removal company. They will come to your home and pick the furniture up, leaving you to continue redecorating or packing sooner.

Flannery’s Handymen come equipped with two dump trucks to help move junk as quickly and efficiently as possible. No item is too large for us to move, and we will come based on your schedule. Flannery’s Handymen can be reached by calling 781-775-9943 or by filling out our online contact form.