Hoarding Clean Out Services in Salem, MA and the North Shore

We do it all, big or small! That’s our motto that we live by and will continue to as long as we are in business. When choosing a company to help clean up a home where hoarding has occurred, you’ll want to ensure you work with a team of specialists. Hoarding is a complex situation, and Flannery’s Handymen is fully equipped to help with any hoarding or cleanup situation that comes our way. We know hoarding is a severe disorder that should not be taken lightly. Our team is ready to help you, and a loved one clean up, clean out, and start a fresh, clean, and healthy life.

What is Hoarding?

Hoarding is a serious condition that significantly affects the health and everyday living of the hoarder. It is a disorder when someone has an excessive build-up or amount of items that they cannot part with. Some people hoard collectibles, newspapers and magazines, clothes, household supplies, etc. Hoarding can be traced back to difficulties in childhood, painful feelings, or mental health disorders. Some hoarders say that hoarding helps them to cope with their stress, anxiety, or depression, but it can also cause those disorders to worsen. When someone is a hoarder and lives in a hoarder’s home, not only do they impact themselves, but it also affects their family and loved ones. Whether they live alone or not, hoarders make it challenging for visitors to come to their homes and seek a social life. Those suffering from hoarding have a hard time removing those excessive items from their home, becoming attached to them, and hanging on to them forever. Hoarding should be taken seriously, and those who live in a hoarder home must seek help before it becomes too unsanitary and unsafe to live. 

How Flannery’s Provides Hoarding Help:

Flannery’s Handymen is here to help you or someone you know who is struggling with hoarding. Below is how our team of patient and dedicated hoarding cleanup specialists can help!

Hoarding Cleanouts

Our team of experienced professionals is trained to help restore a home to its original condition, working through each step of the cleanup process. Our ultimate goal is to transform your home into a livable space where you can have family and friends over without embarrassment. Your privacy is our top concern, and we will work discreetly to clean out your home without calling attention to it. Each item will be sorted and categorized into piles to keep, dispose of or donate to people in need. After everything is sorted, our team will sanitize each home surface, removing dirt, grime, and dander, providing you with a livable space you are familiar with. We will donate some items no longer needed to Goodwill or another charity, helping those in need. Any old, broken, or unused others will be removed from your property by our team of junk and trash removal experts. We want to make this challenging time easy for you; let us help clean out your home and get you on the right track!

Item Storage

We also understand that some items you have held onto contain sentimental value and meaning. Some items may be unused, unopen, and still in decent condition. We offer U-FILL storage containers to keep things you want to keep but may not fit in your home. Our storage units are the perfect size for storing your items and keeping them safe when you need them again. This unit can be kept on your property or in our storage facility for safekeeping. If you choose to lock your storage in our facility, we will pick up and drop off your unit when you are ready for it again. Whichever you choose, our team will help you fill up and unload your storage container when it is time. Learn more about our storage units and how we can help you store some items from your home. 

Hoarding Help and Cleanup Services in Salem, Lynn, Swampscott, Peabody, Marblehead, MA & the North Shore

If you want to learn more about our hoarding cleanup services, contact the professionals at Flannery’s Handymen. We aim to clean up your space and allow you the chance to live a happy and healthy life again! We are pleased to provide you with a free estimate by calling us at 781-775-9943 or filling out our online contact form.

FAQ About Hoarding and Hoarding Cleanout Services

How Do I Know When I Need Hoarding Help?

When it becomes hard for you to walk around in your home or hard for you to live your everyday life, you may need to seek help. Hoarding is a severe disorder that you should not be embarrassed or ashamed of; instead, given a chance, you deserve to start a new chapter in your life. It is time to get hoarding help when you struggle to cook, walk around, or care for yourself. If hoarding goes on for too long, animals may start to live in your home without you knowing, and you put yourself at risk of a fire or other expensive damages. 

What Are The 5 Hoarding Levels?

The five levels of hoarding are: 

  1. Clutter but no signs of excessive amounts at the time.
  2. Clutter takes over two or more rooms with failing hygiene.
  3. Disorganization becomes extreme, rooms become unusable, and strong odors.
  4. Excessive clutter and behavior occur, hazards are possible, flies and fleas may be visible.
  5. Home becomes unlivable when there is severe unsanitary and unsafe living, rodent infestation, and human and animal feces. 

What Is The Fastest Way To Clean A Hoarder Home?

Making a plan before cleaning out a hoarder’s home is crucial. This can be overwhelming, so you must go into it with strict plans and goals. Once the plan is created, the team helping you will begin starting with one room or one section at a time and dedicating one area for a storage area. Renting a storage unit is also a great idea to give yourself some space to remove those items from the area and get a good idea of the amount of stuff to go through next. It is also important to clear out any hallways first so you can move in and out of the rooms easily and safely. When going room by room, make sure you are cleaning and removing items from the room entirely to ensure the job is done correctly before moving on to the next. Cleaning out a hoarder’s home is an enormous and draining task, but with the help of a hoarding removal company, you can get the job done effectively!

What Are The Benefits of A Hoarding Cleanup?

Cleaning out a hoarder’s home benefits your overall health and lifestyle. Some benefits include improved sleep, better relationships, living in a safe and clean environment, healthier life for you and your family or pets, discovering valuable items you may have lost, and improved mood and mental health. Hoarding cleanup should be done with the consent of the hoarder. Removing or throwing away things without their permission can only worsen the situation and not allow them to benefit from some of the above advantages. 

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