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Moving is stressful, no question about it.

Moving is a daunting task ,and is rated the third most stressful life change.Whether you are moving from a small apartment to just across town, or moving an entire houseful of furniture out of state, the task can be downright daunting. But it doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare. Think of us as your dream movers: efficient, organized, friendly and ready for anything, big or small.

With Flannery’s Handymen, you can rest assured we will work hard to ensure your possessions get to where they’re going safely. For more than a decade, we’ve worked to build a reputation on hard work and customer service. So when you hire us, you’re paying not only for quality moving services, but for peace of mind, which is – of course – priceless.

One other thing you won’t have to worry about? Everything we do is 100 percent insured so in the (extremely rare) case that something does happen (hey, we’re human too), we’ve got you covered. With a fleet of trucks and a crew of 15-20 guys, you can rest easy that we’ll be prepared when you need us.

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