home with excessive hoarding in garage

What Is A Hoarder House?

A hoarder house is where the homeowner has filled their home with excessive items. These items may be personal items or items that are necessities for every home. Some hoarder houses are filled with excessive amounts of toilet paper, paper towels, or canned goods. Other hoarder houses are filled with excessive amounts of collectibles such …

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Hoarding Cleanup Needed

Hoarding Hazards

  Hoarding is a serious issue and one that can affect all the members of the household. Beyond the emotional, social, and spatial issues that arise, there are also often serious potential health hazards which need to be addressed. Most often, the scope of decluttering will require the help of a professional due to the …

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Flannery's Handymenand Movers thank customers

Flannery’s Handymen: We’re proud of what we do

September is often a crazy time for moves and cleanups as many prepare to relocate and downsize during the autumn before the holidays and winter set in.  While that tends to be a peak moving time, we’re proud to say we’re always pretty busy and a lot of that is due to the kind feedback …

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hoarder home with excessive items in it

Stages of Hoarding

Living through this pandemic has not been easy for anybody.  In addition to all the other issues, “being stuck” at home is a reality for many of us.  Pandemic fatigue is setting in as is cabin fever after a long year in our homes.  Remaining indoors for such a long period of time certainly has …

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