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Getting Your Home Ready for Junk Removal

As fall settles in, it is time to clean up your yard and home. Because of the holidays, winter is one of the main seasons for clutter to build up in your home. There can also be a buildup of leftovers from renovations or repairs from summer and fall. Regardless of whether you need to get rid of old furniture, wood, clutter, or anything else – take these steps to get your home ready for junk removal.

Clean out your gutters

While it may seem obvious to go ahead and bag up the leaves in your yard to send away with the junk removal service, you may not remember to also do your gutters. Out of sight, out of mind. It is a great idea to clean out your gutters before the rainy and snowy season sets in, so taking care of this while you’re already decluttering your home is a great idea.

Locate and organize what you no longer want

This can be the most time-consuming process for having junk removed. While you may have one main thing in mind, you should go ahead and have anything you no longer want hauled away to make the most of your time and money. Consider going through closets, cleaning out the garage, and organizing any storage areas within your home. Then, compile everything that you want to throw away.

Determine which disposal method is appropriate

Once you have all of your “junk” gathered and organized, you will need to determine how exactly you need to dispose of it. Depending on how much you have, ordering a dumpster is likely the best disposal method. Dumpsters usually come in various sizes, and knowing exactly what you need to throw away will help you determine what size makes the most sense for your project. If you order a dumpster that it too large, you’ve likely wasted money, and if it is too small, then you’ll need to order another, which will be more expensive than if you had just sized up, or you will have to find another way to dispose of the things you no longer want. 

Home Cleanouts & Junk Removal in Lynn, Peabody & Swampscott, MA

Once you have gathered up your trash and ordered your dumpster, the final step is to clean your home out. If you are ready to get started, contact Flannery’s Handymen who can help you figure out what size dumpster is appropriate and when they can come to you. Flannery’s Handymen can be reached by calling (781) 775 – 9943 or filling out our online contact form!.

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