Hoarding Cleanup Needed

Hoarding Hazards


Hoarding is a serious issue and one that can affect all the members of the household. Beyond the emotional, social, and spatial issues that arise, there are also often serious potential health hazards which need to be addressed. Most often, the scope of decluttering will require the help of a professional due to the sheer volume if items that need removal.  Some potentially hazardous conditions that can come from a hoarding situation are outlined below.


Hoarding Fires


Fire is always a risk in any home, especially at certain times of the year, but a home where hoarding takes place is especially vulnerable to both fire damage and potential loss of life.  Having “stuff “stored and piled everywhere can dramatically limit the mobility inside of the home making it difficult or even impossible to quickly exit in case of an emergency situation. The types of items hoarded in the home can also add to the incendiary potential because they are often paper-based or home chemical products that are much easier to ignite.  Doorways and windows may be blocked and piles and stacks of objects will limit visibility all of which can lead to greater disaster.




Old food products or unclean containers, anything left wet like papers or magazines, even ceiling or pipe leaks – any of these things can eventually lead to a mold situation.  Mold can cause eventual structural damage to the property as well as health issues for those living in that environment like respiratory illness, allergies, and other health conditions.




Dirt, food, rotting or decomposing products are all a breeding ground and attraction for insects and rodents, both of which carry their own germs and will contribute more to the unsanitary conditions in the home.  Piles of junk are invitations to nest and breed as well a provide cover from the other residents of the house.  Unchecked, an infestation can grow rapidly.  In addition to the filth brought on by an infestation, there is also an increased fire potential because little creatures in walls and floors chew on wires and cause electrical failure


  Other issues


Water, rodent infestations, mold, mound and piles of heavy clutter can all work together to make a home considered to be uninhabitable.  Air quality issues, sanitary issues, structural damage and even excess weight can lead over time to a disastrous situation.  And none of these things take into account the social and emotional toll hoarding can take on a household.


Getting help with a hoarding cleanup


Cleaning up a home that has a hoarder in it is a sensitive task and also a lot of work. It’s important that the hoarder gets the hep he or she needs to help them see their situation more clearly.

At the same time hoarding creates lots of extra stuff and just junk that create a big cleanup job. Flannery’s Handymen are equipped to help.  We understand the needs of people dealing with a hoarding situation and can help with both sorting and cleanup as well as junk removal.

If you need help with a hoarding cleanup in Lynn, Marblehead, Swampscott, Salem, Saugus, and surrounding areas, you can contact us here or call us at 781-775-9943.  We are happy to help you clean up and reclaim your home.