Flannery's U-fill storage trailers for rent

Making portable storage work

In addition to our regular moving services, Flannery’s Handymen offers a portable storage (and moving) solution with our U-Fill storage containers.  We will bring our U-Fill trailers to your home and you can store them there or we can take them for you and store them in our warehouse. Either way, it offers you a little more convenience for storing your belongings or it helps you to get a jump start on a smaller move where you may need more time to organize. We have some tips to share on getting the most from your storage trailer.

Use the same size boxes

Whenever possible, try to use boxes that are the same size.  Having a uniform size, they will all fit together much easier in your storage container allowing you to maximize your space.  Of course, you cannot fit everything into one-sized boxes, but where you can, keep them together.  Don’t forget to label them clearly with the contents and make sure the labeled end is facing outward toward you.

Pack UP

Even though it may seem easier to spread out a bit to keep track of things, you want to pack vertically and stack your boxes.  The uniform sizes should make that fairly easy to do.  Work from back to front to make the most efficient use of your storage space.

Pack tight in and outside

This means inside and outside the box.  The more you can fit into a box the better.  Not only will you use less boxes, but the belongings inside will be less able to shift and move around possibly getting damaged in the relocation.  Inside the storage container, keep your boxes close and tight for the same reasons.  Unless you have a need to go back and forth into the storage container, you’ll get the most use from using your space wisely.

Heavy on the bottom

Just like packing tightly, you’ll want to pack the heaviest stuff at the bottom.  If you’re making walls of boxes in the storage trailer, be sure that the bottom level contains the heaviest articles to stabilize the tower of boxes.  Also, if you move the storage trailer, you don’t want the boxes to come tumbling down because they are top heavy.

Keep often-used things close to the door

If your moving the trailer and know there are items you will need soon after your reach your destination, pack, label and leave by the door.  This way on your arrival these items will be readily accessible without the need to go hunting through the trailer.  The same rule applies if you are just using the trailer for temporary storage, items you had no room for but may need to use should go to the front where you can reach them.

Home or office storage

Flannery’s U-Fill Storage containers are useful for both home and businesses.  Call us today at 781-775-9943 or fill out our online contact form here to get your free quote and book your storage container. We have you covered! We’ll drop it off, pick it up and even help pack it if you like.  Flannery’s Handymen are all ready to assist you in and around Peabody, Swampscott, Lynn, and surrounding North Shore Massachusetts locations.

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