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Tips for Your Next Office Move

An office move can be an arduous undertaking. Moving within a city or out of state has its many challenges, but a smooth office move is possible with some careful planning and management. If your business is expanding or downsizing, you have a number of factors to consider to make the transition a success, from finding a reliable moving company to updating your business address. Check out these tips that you could use to make your office move a much easier process.

Advanced Planning

It’s a good idea to plan your office move in advance to avoid chaos and unwanted headaches. Planning 4-6 months in advance prior to the move is a good way to handle all the details that go into the transition, but more importantly to minimize the chance of becoming overwhelmed by the process. When the new office space is determined, scope it out and establish the layout of the space to decide where all the different office items will be placed. Give employees and the movers a copy of the floor plan or map so they can be aware of the plans ahead of move-in day.

Hire Moving Company Early

When trying to find a moving company, you want a team of professionals that are reputable, reliable and can get the job done right. Chances are, there is a lot of office equipment to move and undoubtedly, crucial details that cannot be ignored. Shop around for the best estimate for a full-service moving company that has experience with commercial relocation, and book your move 1-3 months in advance. Flannery’s Handymen in the Greater Boston Area has a team of professionals that are trained in commercial packing and moving. Check out our services on our website here. 

Don’t Forget Your IT Needs

Your IT team should be aware of the transition and the role that they will need to play in the process. It’s smart to give your IT team about 3 months’ advance notice for planning the technical transition, which includes all technological equipment, phone connections, and internet service. It’s crucial that the new space can support the transferred office equipment and that any upgrades needed for the equipment or infrastructure are taken care of before the new office is occupied. 

Order New Equipment and Furniture

If you’ll need new equipment and furniture for the new office, order them before move-in day. Having everything ready on move-in day at the new office to carry on business will make the transition much smoother. Order equipment and furniture 1-2 months in advance so they’ll be available to unpack and set up when you move to the new office. 

Update Your Office Address 

It’s essential that clients are notified of the change of office address. This means that you should inform your clients of the move and update your address on the company website, letterhead, business cards and on any other publicity materials. You can do this a week or two before making the transition. It’s recommended that you change your online listing and address a month prior. Be sure to update all suppliers or vendors as well, to avoid having mail or deliveries sent to the old office location. 

Residential & Office Moving Services in Peabody, Swampscott & Lynn, MA

Let Flannery’s Handymen make the transition to your new office a hassle-free one. Choosing Flannery’s Handymen to assist with the planning, packing and moving of your office move is just what you need to have peace of mind. Call us today at 781-775-9943 or fill out our online contact form here to get your free quote and book your move with us. We have you covered!

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