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Tips on Decluttering Your Home

Almost everyone experiences a build-up of clutter at one point or another. When you do decide to tackle it, cleaning out the clutter can take a long time. The first step for a successful decluttering is to create a plan of action that takes place over time. Depending on the number of family members you have, the size of your home, and the amount of time you have available, the full decluttering process can take up to 6 weeks, or longer. However, a more organized and cleaner home will certainly be a benefit.

Create a Plan

Think about your home, and even physically walk through it. Create a list of problem areas where excessive clutter exists. Then prioritize those areas based on severity or other personal criteria you may have. 


Once you’ve identified an area to start in, make piles. Most people find these 4 categories the easiest to work within: items to keep, items to throw away, items to donate, and items to sell. If you do not keep items separated, you’ll end up going back through them multiple times and this will extend the entire process.

Throw Away, Donate, And Sell Right Away

Once you’ve finished going through an area, dispose of the items right away. Do not wait until your entire home is decluttered, as this will slow the process, and your piles are likely to get mixed up (not to mention be in the way!) Don’t drive around with a bag of clothing to donate in your trunk for months. Take the steps needed to get rid of everything right away.

Organize Items to Keep

Just because you’ve decided to keep specific items doesn’t mean you should just shove them all back in the same space that they came from. Try putting items in spaces that make more sense, label everything better, and group like items together.

Hoarding Cleanup & Home Cleanouts in Peabody & Lynn, MA

If you are short on time because you are moving, for example, or just feel overwhelmed by the process – ask for help. Whether you ask friends, family, or hire a professional, you will find it much easier and quicker to get the task done with help. Also, having an outside perspective can help you make more rational decisions about some of your belongings. If you do decide to hire a professional, Flannery’s Handymen can help you sort through and get rid of any items you no longer need. Contact Flannery’s Handymen for help today by calling (781) 775 – 9943 or filling out our online contact form!

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