family unpacking moving boxes in their new home

When is it time to move?

We’ve all had those days when we sit there, looking around our apartments or houses and silently say, “ugh.”  Things just don’t feel right anymore and your space isn’t quite making you happy the way it once did. A lot of personal changes can weigh in on how you perceive your present living situation and sometimes we realize that there are certain things that mean it is time to move on.

Your space is shrinking

We’ll maybe not literally, but life changes are making your current home feel less than spacious.  Maybe you realized that you’ve accumulated a lot more stuff than you had realized.  Stuff that takes up premium space that you can’t really afford to lose. Maybe it’s time to declutter and look for a more accommodating space.

You’ve grown

Not necessarily you, but your household.  Adding a child to the mix can make a serious difference in your living space.  Babies take lots of supplies!  What if you only have one bedroom?  After a short period of time, that novelty will wear off and you’ll really, really want a room for a nursery.

There is an echo in the house

On the opposite end of adding to your household number, there is also the reality of your household shrinking.  The kids have grown and gone off to school or got married and suddenly you have all this room.  All this room needs cleaning and maintenance.  It could be time for you to downsize Maybe you no longer want the responsibility of being a homeowner and want somebody else to mow the lawn. Downsizing is also a great opportunity to purge yourself of excess baggage.  You can do a good inventory of what you need and have the rest hauled away.

You can see your breath

We’re sure most landlords are good ones, but every now and then you end up with one that never seems to be there.  Especially when things are broken.  Leaky faucets, cold radiators, broken doorbell – whatever.  You are tired of chasing someone down to get things done.  In fact, maybe all this reliance on somebody else has inspired you to finally purchase your own home and become a homeowner yourself!

Your finances have changed

For whatever reason, we’ve all been in a situation where things have taken a dip financially.  Maybe it’s become too tough to keep that big old house warm or maybe you thought you’d be able to handle that higher mortgage.  If you find yourself regularly struggling to make ends meet, it might be time to look for other more affordable options.

You got a new job

You lucked out and finally landed the job that you wanted so badly!  The only problem is that it is in another state.  Moving time.  Maybe you’re lucky and the job is in the state where you live but after a few months of going back and forth, you realize that you spend more time commuting than you do with the family. A home or apartment closer to work may be the answer.

A really fresh start

Maybe you’ve always had the dream of building your own home and your finally in a position to do that or you found a real fixer-upper that you’d rather renovate more to what your vision is.  Have some demolition done and get to work!

Things that go bump

Doors creak a lot at night.  You hear footsteps and other weird noises.  Your house is haunted!  Most likely it isn’t, but still, not a bad reason to move!

Flannery’s Handymen can help

Whatever your move involves, we can probably help you.  We’ll deal with clutter, demolition, moving, and more.  Reach out to us here and let’s talk about how we can help.

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