leaves inside the gutters on a home

Benefits of Cleaning Your Gutters

Leaves are falling and temperatures are dropping, which means fall is officially here! Before it gets too cold, it’s important to make sure you clean out your gutters to prevent issues from forming, which can affect your house and roof. Clearing your gutters periodically can have several benefits.

Prevent Damage to Your Roof, Brackets & Fascia

Your gutters provide a pathway for excess water to flow away from your roof and the rest of the building. If the gutters get clogged with fallen debris or ice, the water will not be directed properly and may overflow onto the roof, where it will permeate through the materials and cause leaks into the home. If debris begins to weigh down the gutters, the brackets attaching the system to your roof will begin to bend and lead to further roof damage.

Pest & Fungus Control

Clogged gutters can be home to a host of critters and pests, from insects to rodents. Standing water can lead to mosquitos, and holes can be dug through weakened rooves by squirrels and other rodents looking to nest away from the cold. Clear gutters allow for the regulated flow of water, keeping pests away from your home.

Organic matter left in your gutters can be affected by the changes in weather over time. In addition to blocking water from moving freely, fungi can begin to grow, infiltrating into your home and leading to a decrease in your air quality. If the contaminated leaves fall onto your soil, it can quickly absorb nutrients needed for your grass and plants to grow.

Keep Plants Healthy

Did you know that overwatering your plants can harm them just as much as underwatering? If water spills over the gutters and onto your bushes, flowers, and shrubs, they can be drowned and lead to damage to the surrounding soil.

Gutter Cleaning & Handymen Work in Lynn, Peabody & Danvers, MA

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