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Flannery’s Handymen: We’re proud of what we do

September is often a crazy time for moves and cleanups as many prepare to relocate and downsize during the autumn before the holidays and winter set in.  While that tends to be a peak moving time, we’re proud to say we’re always pretty busy and a lot of that is due to the kind feedback and referrals we get from our customers. We are willing to do a lot here at Flannery’s Handymen because if there is a need for it, we’ll give it a try.

Here is a list of some of the services we offer

Some things can be too big to tackle alone or just plain daunting.  Others may just be an inconvenience or a time-drain.  Either way, we’re happy to help with jobs like those listed below:

Appliance Removal

Christmas Tree Removal

Dumpster Rental

Furniture Assembly

Furniture Removal


Local Moving

Moving Container Rentals

Piano Moving


Senior Moving

Storm Debris Removal

Biohazard Waste Removal

Commercial Services

Electronic Waste Removal

Furniture Moving

Garbage Removal

Large and Heavy Item Moving

Mattress Removal

Packing, Unpacking, & Crating

Post Construction Cleaning

Residential Services

Storage Services

Yard Debris Removal



Know who you hire to help with your move


We’ve all hear those awful moving stories lately about items that never arrive or even worse, belongings that are held for hostage by the moving company!  Are these businesses even real?

Here at Flannery’s, we strive to make our customers happy by doing the best jobs for them that we can whether it’s a move, and odd handyman job, a clean-up, whatever!

With that in mind, we always encourage anybody looking to hire a business to do a little research about them before they hire.  So, to save you some trouble, we thought we’d share some of the reviews of our services from Google and Yelp.

Some of our proudest reviews

When our customers take the time to share a review with us, we’re happy to hear them. And we’re even happier when they think we did a good job for them!

Lori T.

Lynn, MA

Flannery‘s movers are the best in the business! My sister and I sold our 2 family and each bought our own house. We had so many problems with the closing date being changed around we couldn’t find movers. Flannery came through!! My wife and I bought a townhouse, Flannery was able to send us 2 of their biggest trucks, they sent us 2 crews. They moved us in no time and they were so professional and organized. The crew was awesome and so helpful. Don’t bother with any other movers call Flannery!!!

Eugene Y.

Swampscott, MA

If you ever need moving services, junk removal, or demolition services, Flannery‘s is the company to hire.  They make the process streamlined from the initial call to the billing.  Their employees are on time, organized and get the job done on schedule as planned initially with the estimator.  Most recently I had a demo job done with insulation, horse hair plaster and other debris to remove and the crew did their work very efficiently and cleaned up so well that I hardly had to lift a finger after they left.  So many jobs are done in a less than organized manner.  I would highly recommend Flannery Handymen for all your household needs.  Call and they will try to accommodate you.


Carl C.

Basement clean out

I had an excellent experience with Flannery‘s handyman. The scheduling was easy and communication seamless. When I inquired during the scheduling if they would ” take this and that” the answer was “we take everything!” And believe me they did! The two guys that came over, worked tirelessly, great attitude and friendly, when they drove off, I had remembered that I wanted something else moved, so I called them, they were already halfway home and they said sure we will come right back! Highly recommended!!


Claudia Newcorn

Very helpful. We had a challenge with a uphaul full of items that a donation center was unable to take as expected. Flannery’s came over and took everything, and said they’d make every effort to donate what they could. Their staff, both dispatch and workers, we’re polite and helpful. Thanks, Flannery’s, for bailing us out of a jam. Would highly recommend these folks.


Christopher Patzke

These guys are great! I hired them to help me move. They were courteous, professional and all-around nice guys. Payment was easy (paid by credit card over the phone the day after the move). I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Thanks guys!


Mitchell Phillips

Todd and crew have helped me numerous times, they helped me get rid of a downed tree in my driveway, they helped me move a hot tub, and they knock down my neighbor’s ugly garage, they do it all with courtesy, professionalism, and most important of all cleanliness!!! Each time they would clean up and make the area look better than it did!! They are the best, highly recommend!!


Carl Christie

Junk removal. Called Flannery’s, I had a basement full of $&@& … I asked dispatch do you take paint response: “we take everything “I said will you take a super heavy treadmill again we “take everything “the 2 guys showed up and worked so hard! Very strong guys!
They took everything!!


Christine O’Connor

Always give his name out!!!


Chrissy Lebel

Had a great crew come and move my business which has a lot of very heavy and fragile equipment. They were extremely careful, personable, and proficient. They also helped me with removing disposing unwanted items that I did not need to bring to my new location. Would highly recommend them to anyone who needs moving services. Price was great and well worth every cent!


John Breen

One of the owners (Rory), came out to preview the job and he nailed it. He sent two highly motivated workers Christian and Michael. They showed up on time and never stopped working. Both were self-motivated. Before they left, they cleaned up the job site. This was my second experience with this company and I would hire them again in a second.


Aurelio D’Amico

The moving team was amazing, took care of everything, were friendly and professional. I would strongly recommend using the. Great job!


Leah Guenther-Sutermeister

They did a small move on one day notice, so pleasant to work with, efficient too!


Marianne Souza

Definitely recommend this company. Would definitely use them again. Flannery’s just moved my sister, Ms. Laliberte, on July 16th. The moveout took them only 1 hr. 50 min. Not much had been worth keeping, due to its age. They came back on July 23, for a total cleanout of what remained, which was 87 years and three generations’ stuff, in the basement, and 2 upper floors. Rory Flannery had estimated it for a whole day, and they finished it in 8 hours. I couldn’t believe they would be able to do it in that amount of time – there was just so much stuff. But, after just 4 hours, we were amazed at the progress they had made. Not even one tiny thing was left on that basement floor – shoveled and swept clean! The employees were great guys. Todd, one of the Flannery owners, was on the job, working right along with his crew. THANK YOU!! Todd – we’ll see you on Thanksgiving! 🦃 😂


Phil McCabe

Second time we have used Flannery to move. Both experiences were great – timely, professional, helpful etc. Good job!


Moving, cleaning-out, downsizing, decluttering, renovating, chores needed doing?


Flannery’s Handymen is here to help you with these services and more.  Contact us here for a free estimate and to discuss what we can do for you.

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