Home Maintenance for the Beginning of Fall

home in the fall
With the first official day of fall here, it’s now the time to think about various maintenance you can do around your home. Though it might be a tough pill to swallow, it’s time to come to terms that cooler days are coming our way! If you perform these seasonal maintenance tasks, you’ll save yourself time and money in the upcoming months. Below are some recommended fall handyman jobs you should have done as kiss summer goodbye!

Pool Maintenance

Labor Day typically is the unofficial last day of summer for pools in your town, but you might leave your open a bit longer, depending on the weather. Eventually, you will need to close up shop until next summer. Make sure that all chemical levels are normal and check the pumps and valves before you cover it for the next few months.

AC Maintenance

While it is technically fall, many areas are still feeling those hot temperatures and using their AC units to cool down. When the time comes to power down your unit, take note of any repairs that may need to be completed. If they require a HVAC specialists, they usually have more time at the beginning of fall because AC units are being used less. Fix any issues now to ensure your AC unit is ready for next summer!

Regardless of your home maintenance needs, Flannery’s Handymen is here to lend a helping hand! We are ready to handle any handyman job, regardless of size, to make sure your home is ready for next summer. To receive a free estimate on handyman services, fill out our online contact form or call us at 781-775-9943.

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