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How Does Hoarding Affect Family Members

Hoarding affects the hoarder and those around them who care for them. Not many hoarders realize that their disorder greatly impacts those in their life. When we think of hoarding, we immediately think of the dirtiness, clutter, and unhealthy lifestyle the hoarders have created for themselves. One aspect often overlooked is its psychological impact on their family members. When hoarders get the help they need, they cannot only change their life for the better but also those who mean the most to them. Learn below how hoarding affects family members and what you can do to help someone you know who may have a hoarding condition. 

Hoarding Creates An Unhealthy Environment

Many people view hoarders as chaotic environments, but it also creates an unhealthy environment for their close family members. Those who live with hoarders have difficulty getting space for themselves and living in a clean atmosphere. Hoarding creates a highly unhealthy environment that puts the hoarder and their family members at risk. As things pile up inside their home, fire hazards, mold, rodents, and other germs have the potential to grow or enter. It is unhealthy and puts their family members at psychological risk because they feel trapped and overwhelmed in their homes. It also makes them anxious and embarrassed, not letting them want to have people over or host holidays at their house.

Hoarding Causes An Increase In Family Conflict

As a hoarder, you are not always focusing on how your actions and decisions may affect those around you. Some family members may try to help you and put your life on a better path, but it may not always go as planned. Living with family members and taking over some usable living space will cause arguments between you and them. Using up storage closets or the garage is also stressful to other family members and will cause disagreements and tension between both sides of the house. It’s hard to resolve these conflicts with a hoarder because overstepping may only make things worse on helping them to clean out. It may also lead to helplessness and frustration in the family because they fear they will never get their house in order. Taking things slow and talking patiently with the hoarder will hopefully help you set some boundaries and draw the line on certain issues.

Hoarding Tips For Family Members

It may be hard to live with someone who is a hoarder and taking up space, but now it is hard for them to change immediately too. Below are some helpful hoarding tips so you can work to turn your life around with a slow and patient process.

  • Be gentle and patient- don’t force them to change too fast.
  • Please do not throw out any items without their permission.
  • Help them seek professional support.
  • Help them feel safe.
  • Listen to them and their concerns.
  • Inform them about certain safety issues.
  • Educate yourself on hoarding.

Hoarding Help and Cleanup in MA’s North Shore

Flannery’s Handymen is proud to help those who suffer from hoarding disorder get the chance of freedom. When hoarders are stuck inside their homes, trapped with all their items and wrapped up in their disorder, they shelter themselves and put them at a disadvantage. By getting help and cleaning out their home, hoarders can start a new chapter in their lives. Flannery’s Handymen helps with hoarding cleanouts and is patient and dedicated every step of the way. Learn more about our hoarding cleanup, and contact us today for a quote.