hoarder home with boxes of items all stacked up in the way

How To Clean A Hoarders House

Hoarding disorder is a complex mental health condition, and people with hoarding disorder have a persistently tricky time getting rid of or parting with possessions. Relationships and other critical areas of functioning can all suffer from it. Severe hoarding can cause hazardous effects, family strife and disputes, loneliness and isolation, a refusal to allow guests into the house, and the inability to carry out essential household chores. Cleaning a hoarder’s house is not only a physical task but also an emotional and psychological challenge. This blog will guide you through cleaning a hoarder’s house with understanding, empathy, and carefulness. 

Set Realistic Goals

Before you start cleaning, assessing the amount of clutter and creating an action plan is essential. Hoarding situations vary; sometimes, the entire house would be filled with stuff, and sometimes there would only be specific spaces. Set realistic goals for each room and divide it into days. It is best to work with the hoarder to avoid resentment and decide which items should be kept, donated, or discarded. A clear vision of your goals will help streamline the cleaning process and prevent feeling overwhelmed.

Sort and Organize

Begin the cleaning process by sorting through items methodically. Start with a small area to avoid feeling overwhelmed. While going through belongings, ask the hoarders: When was this last used? Does it hold sentimental value? Is it contributing to a healthier living environment? Categorize items based on significance and usability, and create organized piles accordingly. 

Safety and Sanitation

Vast piles of belongings harbor dust, mold, insects, and vermin, posing health and safety risks. As you clean, prioritize safety measures such as wearing gloves, masks, and appropriate clothing. Ensure proper ventilation and consider using disinfectants to maintain sanitation while handling items.

Post-Declutter Cleaning

The house can be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after it has been decluttered. Depending on the extent of the hoarding, this could take some time, but the outcome will be worthwhile. Meanwhile, checking the structure for any issues, like warped floors or cracked drywall, is also best. Before returning the furniture and other items, these repairs must be made.

Flannery’s Handymen – Your Partner in Hoarding Cleanups On The North Shore MA

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