home of a hoarder with random clutter stack on top of each other

Signs You Have A Hoarder House

Many of us have bought items we did not need or are having difficulty parting with. But if you are wondering if you are a hoarder, it may be a strong indication that you have a little more than “a few” items stored or collected in your home. It’s normal to have a junk drawer or a few small piles of stuff that you need to sort through and get rid of. But if you find items are taking over your home, or you have excessive amounts of one item collected in your place, it may be more serious than you think. Read below common signs of a hoarder house and determine if you may be hoarding without being aware of it!

You Keep Buying Stuff

If you find yourself constantly buying new things but not getting rid of old stuff, it may be a sign you have a hoarder home. Hoarding involves holding onto excessive items and being unable to part with things when it’s time. Some things may expire, be unsafe to use, or be in an excessive amount that is not healthy or will not be used in a lifetime. If you are constantly buying more items or collecting more things without using up or getting rid of what you currently have, your home is on the path to becoming a hoarder house. 

Your Protective Of Your Items

It’s never a good idea to get rid of someone who hoards items without their approval, but if they become overprotective, it’s a sign they have a hoarding problem. If you find yourself overprotective over large amounts of clutter and collected items, it may be a sign you are hoarding. The average person does not need excessive piles or stashes of one item to build up in their home. They often will not use all that in their lifetime anyway, or it will expire or become unsafe before use. If you are cleaning out your home, or a family or friend is trying to help you, and you are becoming protective over large amounts of specific items, you may be living in a hoarder home.

Your Clutter Is A Mess

It’s okay to have some clutter; no home is perfect. But if your clutter is not organized, you have no idea where anything is, or it is hard for you and others to get around your home, this is a serious problem. A messy clutter indicates your home is unsafe and puts you at risk of fire, bugs, and other unsafe conditions. Many people who may seem messy often know where important documents and other essential things are in their homes. A hoarder’s home is challenging to navigate; important things often get lost, thrown out, or never found again. If your clutter is very messy and you are losing things, you often are a homeowner of a hoarder house.  

You Believe Your Items Are Priceless

Often, hoarders are hoarding things that really have no value. They cannot part with ornaments, bobbleheads, a stash of cereal boxes, or other random collectible items. They believe their clutter will be valuable and hold on for “the one day it is worth a lot of money”. Having a hobby or collecting a few things you enjoy is fine, but when it begins to take over your life, and you have no space for it, it is a severe problem. Hoarders will often put off going through and organizing their clutter because they think it is highly valuable and they will “get to it one day” but that day never comes. 

Hoarding Cleanout and Junk Removal in The North Shore, MA

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