girls moving out of college dorm with boxes and bins

Making The College Move Easy: College Movers & Junk Removal

Congratulations to all recent or upcoming college graduates! Finishing your degree after years of hard work is a great accomplishment. As you prepare for your next chapter, you may find yourself overwhelmed with college junk and furniture in your dorm or apartment. Have no fear; Flannery’s Handymen are here! Whether you want to move or get rid of couches, bedding, printers, desks, or just a bunch of junk you no longer need, our team can help remove that college clutter. Learn more about our college move and junk removal services, and contact our team to get started today!

When To Plan Your College Move-Out

As the end of the school year approaches, it is also a busy time when you prepare for finals and say goodbye to fellow students and friends. It may be difficult to plan your move-out or relocation plans during this time, so the earlier, the better. If you can sort and organize some of your belongings before your finals, it will make your life much easier when the time comes. Plan with your parents or a professional moving company like Flannery’s Handymen a month or so before moving out, and you can ensure you have a time and place all set for the day of your move. Whether you are moving out of a single bedroom or clearing your whole college apartment, our moving team is here to help make it as organized and simple as possible. 

College Moving Company 

Flannery’s moving team is ready to help college grads and undergrad students easily move out of their dorms or apartments. We help load up our storage units or moving trucks with all the belongings you are looking to relocate or bring back into your home for the summer. We know moving is stressful regardless of how small your dorm or apartment is. We help simplify the process by gently removing your items and storing them for you or helping you get rid of them with our donation or junk removal services. Not all your belongings can easily be moved and fit into your personal car. This is where our strong moving team and moving trucks come into hand and help make the process of moving as painless and stress-free as possible! Learn more about our college moving services for North Shore students!

College Junk & Trash Removal Services

Not every item in your college dorm or apartment needs to come back home with you. Our team at Flannery’s knows this and is happy to offer students our junk and trash removal services. Whether you need to rent a dumpster to junk all your no longer needed items or want our strong and helpful team’s hands, Flannery’s is prepared to help. Bulkier items may be trickier to dispose of on your own. With the help of our trusted junk removal team, we know the best way to handle your unwanted items and legally can dispose of them properly. We also offer donation services if you are comfortable donating instead of junking decent items you no longer want. Our team will clear away any debris, trash, paper, and other garbage that must be cleaned from your dorm or apartment. Learn more about our junk and trash removal services for college students on the North Shore!

North Shore College Moving Company and Junk Movers

Flannery’s Handymen is the North Shore and Salem, MA’s go-to for college moves! Whether you are loading up your entire dorm or apartment and traveling back home or are looking to get rid of unwanted items before the summer, our team knows how to help. We move all your items carefully and load them up to be transported to your next location, so all you have to do is show us what is yours, and we will handle the rest! Learn more about our moving and junk removal services, and request a quote today!