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Things To Consider When Choosing A Commercial Moving Company

Hiring a moving company that specializes in commercial moves can be significantly beneficial during your upcoming move. Suppose your company is switching locations, or maybe all employees are now required to work full-time in the office. In that case, it can be an overwhelming process for everyone to shift back into the building immediately. With the help of a moving team, you are able to avoid lifting heavy items and large, awkward furniture up elevators and stairs to the top floor of the building. This makes the employee’s lives much easier and prevents injuries from occurring on the job. If you are considering a moving company for your upcoming commercial move, take a look below at some things to consider!

Are The Movers Available For My Move?

It may sound obvious, but finding a moving company who is readily available when you need them is highly important. Don’t go through all the research until you are sure they are able to perform your move, travel in that location, and are available on the exact date you need them to. Once you find a time that works for both you and the company, then you are ready to consider hiring them for your upcoming move. Commercial moving is a little different than residential moving and can take lots of time and planning. Gathering all the computers, desks, phones, systems, and wiring is essential to be ready for the move when the movers arrive. 

Are The Commercial Movers Able To Pack Up Items?

A commercial move may be a little more challenging as employees may not be able to assist during the move. If the move is done outside working hours, it is up to the business owner to ensure all items make it from one place to the next. If you are looking for a commercial mover who can help pack up items before take off, it is important to ask them about that first and never assume they can do both. This may not be included in their service, or is offered as an additional fee, but not all movers have the time and capacity to assist in the packing up process. They rather are professionals at carrying large and heavy items and leave you with doing everything that occurs before and after that. 

Do They Have Good Reviews?

Reviews are important for customers who are debating a moving service because they allow you to get real experiences without the voice of the company. Most moving companies are able to give references, but how will you know the truth about their experiences if it weren’t for honest reviews? Take a look online or through family and friends who may have used this moving company, and ensure they are a match for your needs. A reputable company is crucial for a commercial move because there are lots of expensive and valuable items that are going to be transferred to the new business location. Hiring a moving company is highly worth it but can be costly, and no business owner wants to risk having to deal with broken or damaged items at the new workplace location. Be sure you hire the right moving company for the job by reading reviews and asking them any questions before they give you a quote!

Commercial Moving Company in Salem, MA and The North Shore

Are you looking for help with your upcoming commercial move? The team at Flannery’s can help. Our moving company team has experience with residential and commercial moves and is fully licensed and insured to help make the move seamless. Whether moving from remote working to full-time in-office hours or switching locations for your business, our moving team is more than happy to help! Request a quote today by contact form or calling us at 781-775-9943.