Moving a Messy Room

Moving can be a process, and moving a messy room can add an additional challenge. It’s easier to move a room that is already packed and cleaned, eliminating the possibility of moving clutter and entering your new home with a fresh start. When it comes to packing up your home, there are a few key tips it’s good to keep in mind to keep the process as stress-free as possible.

It’s important to pack up as much as you can prior to moving day, but before you do, it’s a good idea to sort out your belongings. Make three piles: one to keep, one to donate, and one to throw away. Downsizing lessens the stress on the move because you’re taking less, and your gently used belongs can help someone in need. Clothing, toys and even furniture can be donated to local and national organizations. You don’t need to throw everything away, like valuables or heirlooms or things you still use. If it’s a jacket you haven’t taken out of your closet in two years, it can go to someone who will wear it. While you are packing, make sure everything is labelled clearly. If a box is marked bedroom, it should not have everything you need in the kitchen. Labeling by room makes it easy to determine what is on the inside without having to take everything out of the box. You can also color code your boxes by room to make it easier by using tape or markers.

The last things you pack should be your essentials, things you will need at the last minute in your current home and during the first few days in your new home. Pack your toothbrush, toiletries and a few days’ worth of clothes in a box you keep separate from everything else, and take it with you to your new home instead of packing it in the truck. This will help you be prepared for your first few days in your new place.

If moving is overwhelming you, contact a moving company. Flannery’s Handymen will make sure your belongings get from one place to the other in a safe, organized fashion, and we’ll help disassemble and reassemble furniture between homes! We would be more than happy to schedule a move that works with your schedule. Contact us today by calling 781-775-9943 or by filling out our online contact form.

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