Organizing Your Kitchen After Moving

Moving can be a long & stressful process. You spend your time planning & stressing over the smallest details to ensure there are no surprises on moving day. Once the process is done, you still have to think about the unpacking. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how to organize your kitchen, the heart of the home!


It might sound easier to just pack up all your of belongings without going through anything, but bringing unnecessary items will only lead to stress.  Before packing, go through ALL of your kitchen items & discard anything you haven’t used in years. By discarding unused items, you’ll be creating valuable storage space in your new kitchen. Items that are damaged or missing parts can go into the discard pile. Anything in good condition, but you just don’t need anymore can be donated to charity.


With a new kitchen, you now have a new way to organize your kitchen. With a well-organized kitchen, it’s easier to know & ensure that all your items are in their correct spot. The first thing you should do when organizing your kitchen is to designate zones.

  • Sink Area

To keep your counter neat & clean, glasses, dishes, etc. should be stored away in cabinets or closets close to the dishwasher & sink. Having them stored near the dishwasher & sink makes it easier to put dishes away after they’re cleaned. Store cleaning supplies in a basket or storage container under the sink.

  • Baking

Store your chopping boards & knives by where you’ll be prepping food. Measuring cups, spoons, mixing bowls or anything else used for baking should be store in this baking area as well.

  • Cooking Utensils

Pans & spatulas should be stored near the oven & stove. To ensure they’re easily accessible, store spices & oils nearby as well.

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