Simple Moving Mistakes

As many homeowners in Marblehead and the surrounding areas know, moving can be quite a stressful day! Below, you’ll find some simple mistakes people have made during a move.

  • Depending on where you’re moving to, you may have to check state rules about bringing plants across borders. In some cases, moving companies won’t take plants along, specifically if it’s further than 150 miles. If you find that you’re unable to bring along your plants, consider giving them to a friend or donating them.
  • While some things in life you can wing, moving day is not one of them. Don’t wait until last minute to pack or make sure your moving company is booked.
  • Since everything will be packed away when you get to your new place, make sure you have a separate bag with some essentials. This could be anything from a change of clothes to your bathroom toiletries!
  • To ensure you get back your security deposit from an apartment, make sure you leave it clean enough for the next occupants to move right in.

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