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The Benefits of Hiring A Moving and Storage Company

Hiring a moving and storage company is like hiring 2 in 1. A moving company offering storage is extremely beneficial for families preparing for an overwhelming move. A company that offers both moving and storage options will take off some of the stress as they provide both services for your convenience. Moving alone can be stressful; hiring a trusted moving company will give you peace of mind, knowing your items will arrive at your new destination safely and in one piece. If your new place is not ready at the time of your move, storing your items in a safe self-storage facility or portable unit with that company will keep your things safe and available to you whenever you need them. Learn below more about the benefits of hiring a moving and storage company all in one!


Hiring a moving and storage company knocks two dreadful tasks in one! No one wants to worry about moving items independently and finding a place to store them. By hiring a company that offers both services, it makes your life so much easier. The movers will come and move out all your boxes and furniture, load up their trucks, drive off, and move them into your one self-storage unit at a safe and secure facility. They can also load your items into a mini unit left on your property or at their own location for your convenience. Whatever you prefer to do, your moving and storage company is here to help and make it happen.

Offers The Help You Need

No one wants to feel like they are putting out family and close friends by asking them to help with their move and, even worse, asking if they can store larger items or boxes in their homes for the time being. With a moving and storage company, you can get the professional help you need. Movers are strong and experienced with moving large or awkward items from homes. Whether you live on the 3rd floor or have many small hallways and staircases, moving companies are the experts at lifting and carrying your items. They also are covered by insurance 100%, so everything they do is insured. Don’t worry about hurting yourself or breaking your back trying to move and store things on your own.


Using a company that offers both moving and storage services is a safer option. Going through one company makes it much easier than dealing with two separate companies and coordinating everything. By having the same moving company store your items at their facility, you can ensure they are safe on the way and locked up until you need them. It also reduces the risk of getting injured by trying to lift and store away items with a storage unit that is not monitored and secured 24/7. 

Call Flannery’s Handymen: Your Go-To Moving & Storage Company on The North Shore

For the best moving experience, contact Flannery’s Handymen of Salem, MA today! Our moving company also offers storage units so you can conveniently get the moving and storing help you need in one place! We partner with Boston St. Self Storage, the North Shore’s local self-storage facility. Your items will be kept safe and secure in a climate-controlled storage unit until you are ready for your items at your new destination. Our movers are experienced and 100% insured because we are human too. Learn more about our local moving and storage services, and contact us today for a quote!