Tips for Last Minute Packing

guy moving boxWhile packing is one of the most important aspects of a move, sometimes it slips our minds and we’re left scrambling to get things packed! If you have procrastinated your Nahant move and need to get your stuff together quickly, don’t fret! Flannery’s Handymen have put together some tips for all your last-minute packers out there.

  • Take the time to slow down and get organized before you begin packing so it will save you time later on. If you are moving to a smaller home, reference our tips to help ease the stress!
  • Think of all the moves you have helped family and friends with…well now it’s their turn! Call in a favor and round up some helpers to get the job done quicker. Have some pizza and drinks on hand to keep your helpers motivated!
  • You may think you have boxes for packing laying around, but just to be on the safe side, run out and grab your packing equipment before the actual packing occurs. Be sure to get boxes, tape, bubble wrap and markers so all of your boxes will be correctly marked.
  • As you begin to pack, create a box for donations, a pile for garbage, etc. There’s no point in packing and bringing things to your new home that you are just going to get rid of once they are unpacked.
  • Keep a few days’ worth of clothes set to the side so that you don’t have to dig through boxes looking for clothes as you settle in. As for the rest of your clothes, pack into boxes or nylon bags and be done with them!

Don’t let packing stress you out during your move! Be a stead ahead of the game and plan out your upcoming move including moving services with Flannery Handymen. To receive a quote, contact us at 781-775-9943 or by filling out our online form.

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