What Are The Dangers of Hoarding?

Throughout the years, the compulsive disorder of hoarding has gained more and more attention and is really opening people’s eyes for the problem that it is. Images of hoarded homes usually shock most people, but will still need to draw attention to the actual dangers that come with it. Hoarding can harm, not only the hoarder, but relatives, neighbors and friends as well.

Dangers of Hoarding

  • In extreme hoarding situations, there are many concerns of bacteria and disease spreading throughout the property. A hoarder’s property makes for the perfect host for producing bacteria and disease because of the deteriorating items like food, trash and in some cases, human waste. While having an excessive amount of mold and dust might not sound that bad, it can affect your breathing and cause harm to your respiratory system.
  • There are various things that can contribute to physical danger in a hoarder’s property. One of the most serious dangers are fires because there are many flammable materials being held onto. I most cases, if there is a fire, all of the hoarded items will be blocking any exits or pathways that make it safe for residents to exit. With all of these items comes an increase in weight on floors and the foundation of the home or property. Because of this, floors are more susceptible to cave in from the strain, which can cause a ripple effect to any support beams. One of the most common types of physical danger are falling hazards since there are items stacked everywhere.
  • For anyone that knows a hoarder, they can be affect directly if they are living in the home as well. Living with a hoarder can leave, both, emotion and mental scars from the experience. Isolation of the hoarder can also occur. At first, they may have been functioning fine in social situations, but as the hoarding progresses, the feelings of shame and embarrassment can be too much, resulting in less time in society. When a hoarder isolates themselves in their home, their mental state can become even more serious.

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