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Tips For Your Basement Cleanout

We know the basement can be a common place for storing items in your home. Whether you have a large or small basement, you’re probably due for a basement cleanout soon. Like a garage or attic, homeowners use their basements to store excessive items, more oversized furniture items, or other items they may not need year-round. Adding to the mess and clutter will only add stress to your life and make it harder to clean out or move out when ready. Get started by slowly cleaning your basement out so you can put that extra space up for good use!

The Struggle Of Basement Cleanouts

Tackling a basement cleanout on your own can sound overwhelming. Many people accumulate “junk” or want to reduce clutter by cleaning out their homes. A basement cleanout is a great way to regain added space in your home and put it to better use for hangouts, decorations, or a personal gym or “man cave”. 

Instead of tackling this challenge all at once. Set up a plan, get the help you need, and be patient during the entire process. Taking on too much at once or all alone can bring on more stress and frustration. There are many ways to get the help you need with a moving company and junk removal team, as well as different options for selling, throwing out, or donating unwanted items. 

5 Tips To Make Your Basement Cleanout Easy

Discover below five helpful tips for making your basement cleanout easy!

Start With One Area At Once

It’s easy to become overwhelmed and engulfed in your project. Be sure to tackle one section of your basement at a time to avoid creating more stress and more of a mess. Try to work out of the cellar and pick a back area first to tackle each section on your way out accordingly. 

Give Yourself Enough Time

Whether you are preparing for a move and have to be out by a specific date or are looking to set a strict goal of getting your project done, be sure to give yourself a reasonable amount of time. Nothing is worse than having to clean out under pressure, so if you can avoid doing so, it’ll make the whole process much more enjoyable. A stressful cleanout session can add more mess and clutter if not done properly. 

Eliminate Old or Dirty Items

During your cleanout, be sure to throw out any old, dirty, or expired items that may be in your basement. Whether you plan on keeping most of your items and just reorganizing or want to do a big purge, starting with items that are unsafe or can no longer be used is a great starting point. These items won’t need much thought about where to organize them and rather can be removed and eliminated from the mess in your basement. 

Identify Areas With Wasted Space

Look around and find areas in your basement that are poorly utilized. There could be a better fit for a large piece of furniture or a small table to take up less space in a different area. During your basement cleanout, it is a good time to scan your basement and see how you can improve it after rearranging and eliminating cluttered items. 

Use The Four Box Method

There’s a saying, “If you haven’t used it in two years, throw it out”. This is true for your basement cleanout. The four-box method can help you find the right place for each item you organize in your basement. The four options are to trash, keep, donate, or relocate. Each item should be able to fall into one of those categories and make it easier for you during your basement cleanout. 

Basement Cleanouts and Junk Removal on The North Shore

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