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The Difference Between Being A Hoarder and Being Messy

A little clutter here and there can be stressful, but hoarding is much deeper than a mess. Being messy and being a hoarder is completely different. Just because someone is messy doesn’t make them a hoarder. Hoarding is a disorder where the owner has trouble parting with things or throwing out items and gets overwhelmed at the thought of losing them. Hoarders are often messy homeowners whose hoarded items take up space and overpower their homes. Someone who is messy can benefit from cleaning and organization, whereas someone who is a hoarder will require professional help and psychological guidance. Learn more about hoarding and being messy and how you can get the help you need regardless.

Being A Hoarder vs. Being Messy

Everyone can be disorganized at times. Whether you are doing a spring cleaning and have a lot of extra items around or you are preparing for a move, your home may get overwhelmed with boxes and clutter. The key to this is knowing when you’re just being a little messy or if you have a serious problem.

Hoarding is when you have many things, not just one of each item. Hoarders have multiple boxes of trash bags, cereal, can openers, magazines, or other commonly hoarded things. While other people have one on hand of each item, hoarders have many and find it hard to part with the additional items. If your home is cluttered, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in danger. Hoarder homes can become a danger because if things get bad, there is a risk of fire hazards, cleanliness issues, and other physical and mental health effects. 

Help With A Hoarder Home

A hoarder home comes in different levels. Not every hoarder is the same and poses the same risks for themselves and others. Level 1 hoarders are the least concerning and have small, severe issues. Level 5 hoarders are the highest and most concerning type of hoarders as fire risks, human feces, and risk of animals entering the home are possible. Hoarder help is essential in helping the hoarder overcome their issue and get their house and mental health clean and on track. Specific therapy can also help hoarders clear anxiety and worry and help them live a happier and healthier lifestyle. 

Help With A Messy Home

If you’re looking for help with a cluttered and messy home, there are ways to get the help you need! Whether you are moving or have been having a hard time keeping things clean, you are not automatically a hoarder! Junk and trash removal companies can help remove unwanted items that may take up space. Contact a local junk removal team to carry out items and help you have more room to sort and organize your mess. Contact local family and friends to assist you in the project and get your life back in order!

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Whether you need help removing unwanted items in your home or have a severe hoarding issue, our team can help. We are experienced in both hoarding and junk and trash removal, so you can get whatever help your home needs. We know hoarding should be handled carefully and concerning the owner, which is why the team is patient yet hard working for the job. Learn more about our services, and fill out our contact form for a quote on the North Shore!