furniture being prepared to move out of a home as it is wrapped up and boxed up

How To Dispose Of Furniture When Moving

Moving can be very stressful for homeowners. The thought of packing up all your items and uprooting yourself and your family to a new location can be overwhelming. When moving, having to worry about relocating furniture and ensuring everything arrives safely and in one place can be stressful. But with the help of others and a little time to plan, you can shake off some of the stress of a move. Consider organizing your items and figuring out which items you definitely want to keep and which furniture you may want to dispose of when moving. These small actions and planning efforts will go a long way and help you to feel more relaxed and confident when the day of your move comes. Below, discover four ways to dispose of furniture when moving.

4 Ways To Remove Furniture During A Move

Are you looking to dispose of furniture in an organized way during a move? Discover four ways you can remove furniture below.

Sell Your Furniture 

Selling furniture is an easy way to get rid of furniture you do not want during a move. Whether you host a yard sale or sell stuff online like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace, selling furniture is a great way to help you clear your home. People often check those platforms when looking for furniture for their office, college dorm, or new home. Many people are looking for decent and affordable furniture without the burden of moving it a long distance away. It also makes it easy for the seller because you can put it outside your driveway, and the buyer can move the item on their own. 

Donate/Repurpose Your Furniture

If your items are not worth selling as is, consider donating or repurposing it for your home or as a gift. Many charities are willing to take used furniture and will even pick it up at your location. Donating lets you feel good about clearing out your home, knowing your furniture can be used elsewhere. If you don’t want to present it and would rather give it as a gift to someone you know, that also makes great use of your furniture. If you are up for the extra challenge, consider doing a DIY craft and repurposing your furniture for yourself or someone you know who would love it. 

Throw Out Your Furniture

If your furniture is dirty, worn, or unsafe to use, consider throwing it away. Donations and selling are only worthy of safe and clean furniture, not broken items. If you want to throw away your furniture, try a curbside pickup or go to a dumpster if you have access to it. Although recycling and reusing furniture is better for the environment, sometimes furniture has been used for a while and needs to be worn out to be used again. Contacting the right people to assist you in your move and furniture disposal will help make the process even easier.

Hiring A Moving Company

When all else fails, hire a moving company for assistance with removing your furniture. Whether you need help moving items you plan to place in your new location or want help removing and disposing of unwanted furniture, a moving company can help. Hiring a professional moving company makes things easier for you. Decluttering your home and moving items off your property can be done easily! Learn how the team at Flannery’s Handymen can help you dispose of unwanted furniture during your move. 

Dispose of Unwanted Furniture With Flannery’s Handymen

Contact the team at Flannery’s Handymen to remove furniture during your move. Whether you want us to throw out, recycle, or donate your furniture, our team knows how to handle the situation. We will show up to your home, remove any furniture as directed, and completely take it off your property. That way, you can relieve some stress and focus on the rest of your move! Learn more about our moving services, and contact us to request a quote!