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Why Are Hoarders Dirty?

A hoarder’s home can be extremely filthy from rubbish, excessive clutter, and collectible items. The abundance of stuff and so little space makes the house feel dirty and unclean. Hoarding is a serious problem, and hoarded items can take up a lot of space inside the home. This can prevent hoarders from being able to clean their house properly, or even at all, making the home dirty. If you’re wondering why hoarders are dirty and other commonly asked questions regarding a hoarder home, continue reading on for more!

Why Are Hoarder Homes Dirty?

Both a hoarder and their home are often considered dirty. If they are not caring for their own home and cleaning up their rooms, they probably are not taking good care of themselves either. A hoarder collects many collectibles, and clutter prevents them from having open space in their home. This causes dirt and dust build-up and even risks ants or rodents from entering their home. Even if the hoarder themselves and their home are not necessarily “dirty”, the appearance of a hoarder’s home and the collected items filling up the space give off the feeling that it is dirty there. Trash and junk that may be hoarded in the home can build up and be unsanitary for anyone to live there. 

Are All Hoarder Homes Dirty?

Although it may be hard to believe, only some hoarder homes are really dirty. The appearance of excessive items can definitely make it look and feel dirty, but it does not necessarily mean the hoarder and their home are dirty. Having their home that way makes sense to them and works for them, but to the outside, it looks like piles of trash and chaos. Hoarding can be split into different levels, from Level 1 to Level 5, which is the highest level of hoarding and uncleanliness. Not every hoarder’s home will be dirty, smelly, and completely unsafe to live in. Some hoarders may just have excessive collectibles that they cannot part with, while others live in a completely unbreakable home. Every hoarding case is different and falls into different categories. 

Do Hoarders Clean Their Home?

After a hoarder has gotten the help they need to clean out and clear out tier home, they may still struggle to clean their home like regular homeowners do. Like any other addiction or disorder, it can be hard to adapt to a new lifestyle immediately. Learning and growing into a stronger person can take time and dedication. Minor tasks and picking up after yourself will take some practice, but it proves hoarders are already on their way to a healthier lifestyle. It may first seem challenging for them to let go of things and healthily organize their belongings. Hiring a professional hoarding cleanup company or junk removal team to help get the job done will make things much easier for the hoarder and their family. 

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