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Hoarding Cleanup Tips For The Holidays

The holidays are a time when family and friends gather together to celebrate traditions and make memories! It is also a time when we are thankful for those we have and the things we have in life. If you have many unnecessary items around your home, now is the time to clean up before the holidays. Hoarding can be a severe problem, and if not taken care of, family and friends will not want to go to your home. There is no better time to get your life together than the holiday season and as a new year begins. Learn these hoarding cleanup tips for the holidays below, and see what a difference cleaning up can make!

Three Hoarding Cleanup Tips For The Holidays

Take a look below at these three helpful hoarding cleanup tips to add some helpful cheer to your holiday season! 

Set A Time Frame

The holidays are an excellent time to set specific goals. Making the holiday season your deadline for certain tasks will put some pep in your step to get them done! The holiday season is a time when families come together in a home. If you want to clean up your home by a specific time, set it as the holiday season! Get started on your hoarding cleanup by feeling the pressure that people may come over for the holidays, and you must clean up fast. It may be hard to start your hoarding cleanout journey, but know that the result is super rewarding, and you will be on your way to a cleaner and happier lifestyle! Setting this holiday season as your time frame will not only surprise your family and friends on the holidays, but it will give you some peace of mind knowing you took the initiative to get started and stuck to it!

Get Help From Your Loved Ones

People come together during the holiday season, so what better way to get together than to help a loved one? Hoarding is a serious condition that requires more than just throwing things out. Help your loved one this holiday season by coming together and guiding them through their hoarding cleanup. Some hoarders need to talk to someone and gain confidence to clean up and move on with their lives in a new, clean home. Others can get help from loved ones and clean up by learning to get rid of their things. Adapting to a new lifestyle in a clean house will take some time, but what better time to try than during the holiday season with your loved ones near? As the holidays are approaching, families travel to visit their loved ones. Get started by asking for help or offering your support if you notice someone may be struggling with hoarding. The holidays are a time for traditions, helping, and giving back to those you love!


During the holiday season, it is always nice to give back to less fortunate people. Hoarding is a serious condition that makes it hard to part with certain items in our homes. To make things a little easier to get rid of, donate some that are in good condition to those in need instead of throwing out items. Donating always makes us feel good about helping others and makes it easier to get rid of some things in our home, knowing that someone else will greatly appreciate them. This holiday season, as you go through a hoarding or home cleanout, look around at what can be donated to someone in need. It will make someone else happy and you even happier, knowing you are doing something good for the community. 

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