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Moving Furniture Safely

Moving furniture can be one of the most trying parts of your move, between making sure everyone is lifting and moving at the same pace to the literal heavy lifting of bulky items. When you’re working on moving furniture, make sure you follow these safety tips!

Don’t Move On Your Own

In addition to damaging your furniture, moving heavy items on your own could lead to severe injuries including sprains, pulled muscles and fractures. If you’re getting ready to move, enlist some friends and family members to help move items like couches, trunks, tables and armchairs to help balance the weight and bring them to and from the truck efficiently.

Use Protective Equipment to Move Furniture

If you have help, incest in furniture sliders so that you can push the furniture to the loading area without destroying your hardwood or carpeted flooring. When you’re moving furniture or boxes, your hands may be likely to get cut by loose staples, nails or box edges. Wear heavy-duty protective gloves to keep your hands safe, and wear closed-toe shoes to keep your feet covered in case something is dropped.

Follow Proper Lifting Protocol

Lifting with your back can lead to strain, preventing you from participating in the rest of the process as you recover. Make sure when you are lifting heavy objects to lift from your knees, where you have more balance. Ideally, you should move furniture and heavy boxes with a dolly or by using lifting straps and harnesses to keep your body safe.

Remove Extra Lengths from Furniture

Do your chairs, couches and tables have removable legs or feet? Take them off before you begin moving things. Removing legs and feet will allow you a few extra inches to maneuver and fit through hallways and doorways.

Moving Services in Massachusetts

If you are starting to plan your move and don’t want to risk damaging your home or furniture, call Flannery’s Handymen! We move people and families across New England and keep your belongings safe. Contact us today by calling 781-775-9943 or by filling out our online contact form.

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