wrapping glass items in bubble wrap for a move

Supplies You Will Need to Prepare for Your Move

Moving is a very layered process that requires a lot of preparation in the leadup to the big day. Besides getting the right boxes to pack your belongings, there are several types of supplies that you will need to move your things safely from house to house. Make sure you have these on hand for a safe and efficient move!

Packing paper and bubble wrap

Chances are you are trying to move heavy and delicate things, including mirrors, family heirlooms and glass. When you are packing up easily breakable items, packing paper can be used to create a buffer and protect from damage. By covering a mirror in paper and cardboard, you will have additional layers holding the glass shards together which prevents injury. Crumpling up pieces of packing paper can also fill space in boxes with wiggle room, keeping your belongings more stable. For more of a buffer and more protection for fragile items, wrap at least one layer of bubble wrap around things like fine china, plates, bowls and figurines. For more protection, wrap several layers to accommodate for popping in transit.

Plastic wrap

Plastic wrap can be used on any furniture or oversized items to protect from outdoor elements, which can be especially useful if you are moving on a rainy or snowy day. Wrapping your furniture can prevent scratches and tears while still protecting the material from dirt and water, which can lead to further damage. plastic wrap is easy to apply to your belongings and easy to remove once you have it in its new place in your home.


In addition to writing the contents and room of each box on at least three sides, you should make sure the boxes have color-coded labels and inventory lists. This ensures that each box is brought to the correct space in your new home and makes the unpacking process easier on your whole family.

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