A Helpful Moving Guide

We always plan when to move, and we always have enough money in our emergency fund to cover any and all related expenses, right? Hardly!

At Flannery’s Handymen, we understand life isn’t that easy all the time. So if you’re prepping for a big move that may have caught you off guard, and you’re wondering if you’ll have enough in the piggy bank to cover everything, here are a few tips from your Marblehead movers on how to stretch your moving money a little further.

1)   Don’t be ashamed to scavenge. Finding free packing materials is easier than you’d think. People often discard perfectly good cardboard boxes when they’re finished with them. Start by asking friends and family who may have moved recently if they have any leftover. Then turn to your neighbors. Check with your local liquor store, grocery chain or nearby mall. Or just keep an eye out on recycling day. Instead of splurging on bubble wrap or non-printed newspaper, stash away the newspaper you’ve already paid for to use to wrap fragile items. Just remember to wash your dishes before using them!

2)   Ask for help. Here’s where you find out who your true friends are. Contact family members and friends to help on moving day. Or better yet, ask them to swing by prior to moving day to help you pack and – depending on where you’re moving to – perhaps even help transport smaller items to the new place. With the time you’ll save, paying them in beer and pizza will still be cheaper than hiring moving professionals to handle everything.

3)   Downsize. If you’re still scraping for funds, a garage sale can be an excellent way to pocket some spare change before the big day. Consider getting rid of anything you don’t absolutely love, anything you haven’t recently used, or anything you won’t have room for in the new place. Any money made in a yard sale can be put toward other essential moving costs.

4)   Be prepared. Label your boxes to cut down on time. This means your movers will know exactly where everything is going, and will be more efficient packing and unpacking the truck. Have meals and snacks to keep you going throughout the day to save time and money on not eating out! Make sure your utilities are cancelled so that you’re not stuck paying for utilities you’re not using, or paying late fees on a bill you never received because you forgot to tell them your address changed.

5)   Consult your Marblehead movers ahead of time. Hiring movers can be necessary sometimes. If you need help choose the local Marblehead moving professionals, at Flannery’s Handymen. We’re ready and willing to help you in anyway. Call us today at (781) 775-9943 for immediate service.

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