Spring Cleaning

What stays and what goes: cleaning up


Spring is here, the windows are open and your airing the house out.  You’re looking around the house and wondering where all your space went.  Is it valuable, is it junk, do you even want it?  Time to take stock of your belongings and make some decisions.

One of the easiest and best solutions is to sort through it all and hire a reputable company to take away the stuff you really, really don’t need to keep. A good mover/junk removal company will handle a big part of that job for you.  1) They’ll take it away and 2) they’ll rehome the salvageable.

So, where to start? If most of your junk is confined to one place like a basement or attic, that’s easy. If you have stuff in both and also the garage or some scary closets, you’re afraid to open, the job is going to be bigger.


Divide and conquer

If you can split up tasks and or locations, work should move more swiftly.  We never realize the clutter we end up collecting over time. Just sorting through it can send us whirling to trips down memory lane or just quizzically staring at things in wonder.  Don’t fall into that trap, be decisive!


Start piles or groups

Don’t know where it came from or why you have it?  Toss it.  Is it broken but worth fixing?  Reevaluate when you’re done then make a firm decision.  Elvis salt and pepper shakers?  Toss.  Sorry.  Clothes you love that are not realistically going to fit again, let them go. Vacation souvenirs?  Well, unless there is some REALLY strong attachment, say goodbye.  In fact, it’s probably a good idea to stop buying some of that stuff in the first place.  Why buy more stuff that only exists to be dusted!


Stuff to keep

There’s bound to be some important stuff in those closets as well, so be careful.  Family photographs, important papers and documents, home records. Be careful not to junk those in the mix.  This is a good time to get them organized and all in one place.

junk removal clutter
Home clutter

Call the cavalry!

Once you’ve made it through all that – and it’s sure to take a while, so plan accordingly, call for help.  Flannery’s Handymen are just the backup you need.  We will come out to your location and make all that stuff disappear.  And no worries, the usable stuff will go to Goodwill where it can be used by somebody who needs it!  For a free quote, contact us here or give us a call at 781-775-9843.

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