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What To Do About A Hoarder’s House

Whether you are the hoarder living in a hoarder house or are looking to help a hoarder house of someone you know, you may be overwhelmed by what to do. Hoarding is a serious disorder that should not be taken lightly. When entering a hoarder’s home, you never know what to expect or how severe it can be. Not only can it negatively affect the person living there but also anyone who visits or is trying to help them. There are a few ways to go about it when you are looking to either clean out or sell a hoarder home.

Looking To Sell Or Clean A Hoarder Home? Here’s What To Do

Learn how to sell or clean a hoarder home with these three helpful steps and tips to get the house in the condition you need as soon as possible!

Clean It

First, an obvious thing to do with hoarders’ houses is to begin cleaning them. If you want to sell this hoarder’s house, it won’t sell as a gross and messy building on the market. Start by renting a dumpster or hiring a hoarding cleanup company to assist you. The project can be tiring and overlearning for just a couple of people, and it works much more efficiently with a team. Once you have a dumpster and a way to remove or transfer heavy and unwanted items, it is time to begin the cleanout. Whether you are keeping and storing items or looking to dump it all, everything from the home must go so you can clean up after each room is empty. Severe hoarder homes can be overwhelming, so be sure to break it up room by room and section by section to avoid becoming burnt out.

Perform Necessary Repairs

When it comes to a hoarder home, odds are the house could use some repairs to bring it back to top condition. If you are looking to sell a hoarder home that is not in the best condition, it may not sell as well compared to one that is tidied up and attractive to the eye. Most homeowners only want to put in a little work after buying a home, especially one previously hoarded. Once the house is cleaned out, it will be easy to spot any noticeable repairs or broken parts of the home. Either perform the necessary repairs and maintenance yourself or hire a professional to do the job correctly. Sometimes, one thing that is broken may lead to another issue, and so on, so be sure to manage these repairs as soon as possible to prevent any worse home damage.

Update The Interior and Exterior

Most hoarder homes have not been updated for years, especially when there is no way around them. Many hoarders keep collecting and storing items without considering their home’s condition and what needs to be repaired or replaced. When it comes to a hoarder home, both the interior and exterior can probably use a facelift. If you are looking to sell a hoarder home, it must be attractive to the eye on both the inside and outside to homeowners. Making an old hoarder home more modern will increase the chances of people being interested in buying it. Start by looking at the paint job on all the rooms and outside the home. Consider installing vinyl siding and replacing windows, gutters, and other important components of a home’s exterior. When walking around each room of the house, take a look at where you can add functional furniture, appliances, decorative items, and more. A clean and attractive modern home will disguise a hoarder home’s messy past.

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