Tips for Moving With Pets

As most homeowners know, moving can be a stressful time and moving with pets can be even more stressful! Pets can develop an awareness when they’re put into a new environment so it’s imperative you make a smooth transition. Below, you’ll find some suggestions on making your pet’s transition stress free:

  • If you will be traveling for more than one day, make sure the hotels you’ll be staying at are pet friendly. You’ll also want to stop for regular bathroom and water breaks.
  • If your move includes travelling by airplane, schedule a veterinarian appointment for your pet. In some states, it’s required to have a signed health certificate. You should also ask for your pet’s records to bring to your new veterinary.
  • Since pets can get nervous in new environments, keep them close to you on a leash or in their carrier.
  • If you are moving to a different state, check to see if there is an entry fee or some sort for bringing pets.
  • If possible, try to set up your home with as much furniture so your pet can easily adjust to the new location.
  • Keep your pet’s tag updated with your new phone number and address.

As you get adjusted, in time, your pet will also get adjusted to the new location and home. Be patient with them as this transition goes on. If you have an upcoming move with pets and are in need of moving services, contact Flannery’s Handymen at 781-775-9943.

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