Tips for Moving with Children

Whether it’s local or long distance, moving can be a stressful time for everyone involved. Now imagine making the move and having to worry about your young children during this chaos. While there are no rules for childproofing, we have some tips for protecting your children as you make your move!

  1. Typically, before everything is moved in, you’ll do one big cleaning of your home, meaning you may have some cleaning supplies around as you bring your belongings in. Keep any cleaning supplies out of the reach of small children or look into more natural cleaning agents.
  2. For children who are interested into exploring every nook and cranny, purchase outlet covers to prevent electric shock or electrocution.
  3. Keep any medications or prescriptions out of reach. Things can get left out as the unpacking process begins, so we urge you to put any pills into your medicine cabinet right away.
  4. As you begin to unpack, you may need some tools to open up your moving boxes. Make sure any scissors, knives or box cutters are out of reach from children.

The best way to protect your children during a move? Hire a professional moving company! Contact Flannery’s Handymen at 781-775-9943 to learn more about the various moving services we offer.

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